Audiences Love 'Ordinary Days'

Posted on March 7, 2014 at 2:00 AM

(Reviews originally published by the public on Basement Theatrics' blog:

“I often attend musical theatre shows (I estimate 6-10 a year) at every level (elementary school performances to Broadway). The professionalism and dedication of everyone associated with this show was evident from the high quality of the production. The script was fantastic and brought to life through the talent of the actors. The set changes were exceptional in that many times they had occurred without my having noticed the changes taking place. I enjoyed the simplicity of the set and was impressed with the shows blocking. I was brought to tears during Claire's transition from being held back by the past to moving bravely into the future. I loved the colorful rain as the words of encouragement floated from the tallest heights down to the earth and how each bit of color created a masterpiece when viewed as a whole, just the the painting at the Met. Excellent show! I will definitely attend another Basement Theatrics production in the future!” – Lynn R.

“The Basement Theatrics presentation of Ordinary Days was an excellent show! Moshe Henderson did a great job, in what I believe was his directorial debut? The rest of the production and creative crew also did an outstanding job. And although the play is what one would consider "bare bones" and low budget, (simple piano accompaniment and modest stage props) that did not stop this show from being absolutely top notch! The acting was superb and very believable.

Mariesa Genzale (Deb) and Moshe Henderson (Warren) both exhibited very good comedic timing and a complimentary interaction with each other that brought some VERY humorous and fun moments to the stage.

Victoria Knight (Claire) and Brandon Hell (Jason) were also amazing in this play! These two were so believable, in their emotionally charged relationship, with both their acting and wonderful singing, that I noticed many-a-tear being wiped away by--what I'm sure were pleasantly surprised and--appreciative audience members.

All-in-all, this show was a must see! If you missed this show, then you missed something truly special, because although the title might imply otherwise, this WAS no Ordinary Day.” – Tony H.

“I thought the costumes were flashy and captivating, and the set was just right. The actors were all extremely well-rehearsed, and ques for stage crew ran fluently…I enjoyed seeing my friend [Moshe] put his heart and soul into his work.” – Brooke R.

“…This was a new and fun experience for me. My favorite part of the show was the way all of the actors were able to sneak humor in as they sang, occasionally at unexpected times…I liked how the audience was left to picture the set for themselves with some guiding props and context from the events the actors portrayed. Next time Basement Theatrics is putting on a play, I plan on being there to enjoy it.” – Rocco B.

“The show was great. I enjoyed watching the set transform into new settings just by having a few additions and great actors to make the new locations obvious to the audience.” – Camila P.

“…I found it to be very enjoyable and professional….One of my favorite parts of the show was seeing young talent that was experienced and excited about acting!” – Andrea W.

“I thought the play was amazing! I loved how perfectly each actor played their roles and the music was really nice! Great voices and I thought the live piano was really cool! Can't wait for the next show!” –Max K.

“As one of the stagehands for the show, I have to say that my favorite part was the quality of the actors, and the high level of organization. The actors and actresses were phenomenal and Moshe did an excellent job of organizing the timetable. I enjoyed it and would love to help out or just go and watch another fantastic musical. I fully recommend checking out the next show that Basement Theatrics produces.” – Hudson H.


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